July 30, 2014

Hello everyone thanks so much for coming back to our blog section.

Recently I heard an expression that really got me thinking. Thinking about what we do here at the Goldstone Financial Group. Here’s the expression……


At the Goldstone Financial Group we are always talking about looking forward to the future…making plans for our retirement…in the future. This expression however has us looking to the past and maybe there’s an important lesson there to be learned.

I can’t tell you the number of clients I have who have thanked me for helping them set up a course for their retirement. Now they are living the life style that they wanted because of choices they made several years back. No doubt though there are many people out there who just felt that everything would take care of itself somehow, someway. Their current conditions are also ECHOES of their past decisions. See, it can go either way. Please take the time now to plan right so that when the time comes for your retirement you will be right where you want to be and then you can say….

My current conditions are echoes of my past decisions.

Thank you,

Anthony Pellegrino

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