We plan events designed to help our clients live more confident, fulfilling retirements.

About Our Events

At Goldstone Financial Group, we believe information is power. That’s why we regularly invite our clients to events, often hosted by sought-after experts, that empower our clients to know where their money is and feel confident that their retirement strategies are keeping them on track.

Here’s a sample of our previous events. Keep an eye out for our next one!

“The Power of Zero” Screening

Hundreds of Goldstone clients attended an exclusive screening of David McKnight’s gripping tax documentary, “The Power of Zero.” Anthony Pellegrino hosted the event with McKnight, helping clients and their guests learn strategies that can help them pay significantly less in taxes and lessen the future tax burden of required minimum distributions (RMDs).

An Evening with David Bach

We treated our VIP clients to a meet-and-greet with David Bach, a nine-time New York Times bestselling author who has written books like “The Automatic Millionaire” and “Smart Couples Finish Rich.” Clients heard from Bach himself on the Trump tax laws, how the current economy affects their retirement and his proven tips on living rich now.

Martin Ruby Webinar

Martin Ruby, author of “The New Rules of Retirement Saving” and “The No-Compromise Retirement Plan,” talked to Goldstone clients about ways they can prevent tax surprises in retirement and instead create tax-free income that supports their lifestyle.