October 5, 2014

Well here we are one week from one of the greatest sporting events that takes place every year in Chicago. It’s the Chicago Marathon where some 45,000 runners from all 50 states and more than 100 countries will compete in the 26.2 mile race. The winners in the men’s and women’s division will each receive $100,000 and quite possibly many of you that are reading this right now will be one of the competitors in this years race. For the rest of us it’s hard to comprehend WALKING 26.2 miles let alone running it. With this event upon us it got me thinking about the parallels between the Chicago Marathon and the Retirement Marathon. No doubt at approximately 7:30 Sunday morning many of those runners will be thinking about how far of a distance that run actually is as they take their first step. It’s no different with retirement planning. As you begin the process with a financial review the end results will seem like ages away. In order to have a successful marathon months and months if not years and years of preparation will be involved. Well, when we take a look at building a plan or training schedule for securing your financial future, your retirement, we take a look at everything. During our complementary financial review we want to see what investable assets you have…we want to hear about what plans for the future you have. When a runner lays out their plans for running a marathon they also have a schedule. They know how fast they want to run each mile. They have gone over the course and they know where all the hills and valleys are. They know where it will require extra effort and they also know where it’ll be clear sailing. With your financial planning you want the same thing and just as in running the sooner you begin your preparation the better it’ll be for you. Nobody will be showing up for the start of the marathon without lots and lots or preparation and endless hours of running. If they did, there would probably be no way that they would be able to finish the race. With that thought in mind, imagine arriving at the first day of your retirement. Lets say that it’s this coming Sunday. With no plans or ideas on how it’s all going to work, your retirement would not exist. What a ridiculous thought. A marathoner paces themselves to make sure they don’t run out of “gas” toward the end of the race. In retirement it’s the same thing. You have to pace yourself financially to make sure you don’t run out of money and with all of us seemingly living much longer than other generations, that could be a very real possibility with out the proper planning. During the race the runners are continually monitoring themselves as to how they are doing. When you set up a complete retirement plan you’ll do the same thing. Periodically you’ll want a review as to how your assets are doing. Are any changes needed? At the Goldstone Financial Group our WHOLE goal is to make you the winner. We are your coach..your trainer…your planners. There’s nothing more important to us than securing your financial future. If you are running in this coming weekends race we’ll be cheering for you and if your ready to start the retirement race well be there for you too. Thanks for reading this and we look forward to hearing from you.


Anthony Pellegrino
Michael Pellegrino
Principals, Goldstone Financial Group

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