October 8, 2014

Hi and welcome back to the Goldstone blog section. Well here we are in one of my favorite times of the year…the fall. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp and cool. Many families plan trips just to go to different parts of the country to see the colors of the fall season and some go on apple picking adventures. Definitely a time for great family memories. A lot of you will be cleaning out the garage to make sure you have room for your car and snowblower. Many of you will be washing the windows one more time before winter and we all will be raking lots and lots of leaves. The point is…there’s a lot of preparation that goes in getting ready for a change of seasons just as there is for retirement. Cleaver tie in huh? Seriously, you can’t expect to have an enjoyable retirement with out the proper amount of preparation. Have you noticed that as you age, time seems to go by faster and faster? Before you know it, retirement will be knocking at your door and as we were discussing in last weeks show “Securing Your Financial Future” on 89 WLS, sometimes retirement can come sooner than expected. It may come because of you incurring a disability. One day your fine and the next day you take a spill and break a hip. Early retirement can come because you suddenly become a major caregiver for a spouse or parent. Many people today are finding that their particular job skills are no longer needed.That could be a career ender. Early retirement can also come because the company you work for is suddenly sold or merged with another company and your position is eliminated. These five reasons for early retirement have one thing in common. They were all unexpected. Now while that may seem rather unsettling…here’s the good news. When we sit down and develop a financial plan, these issues are all addressed. How could they not be. In a financial review we sit down and learn as much about you as we can. We need to know what type of investments and assets you have. We also want to know what your plans for the future are. Are you planning on traveling or are you more of a homebody. We also want to know how your health is and if longevity is in your family history. Then when we have gathered all of your information we’ll review it and see where it takes you. We will want to make sure that you are covered in any situation that may come along. If your health goes down the hill suddenly we want a plan in place that protects you as much as possible. Also here’s another thought for you to consider. The sooner you begin this process the easier it will be and especially if you have to make some major corrections. Your retirement years can be fabulous but without the proper financial planning, problems that are unexpected could cause some major issues. At the Goldstone Financial Group we are dedicated to helping you secure your financial future. Call us today for a complementary financial review. There’s no cost and no obligation. Thank you for you time and enjoy this beautiful season.

Anthony Pellegrino
Principal, Goldstone Financial Group

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