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Our Friends at SHP FINANCIAL

It's nice to work with people you can trust.

Over the course of doing business we meet other Firm's like ours.  We always count it an honor and privilege to make an introduction between people we care about. So, if you are looking for someone to help you navigate the waters of your Financial & Retirement future in Hyannis, Woburn or Plymouth, MA ...SHP Financial is the first place to start your journey. 

Need help planning your retirement & financial future?

When it comes to Retirement planning it's unwise to use a cookie cutter strategy. It should be tailor-made for your specific needs, ultimately helping you achieve your future goals, no one else’s.

Unlike many other financial advisors & Retirement planners, we see retirement planning not as a one time event, but as a journey we’ll last for the rest of your life. We believe it’s critical to personally get to know each client, from their financial situation, to their health and lifestyle, as well their dreams and goals for retirement. With this vital information, we begin to implement the 5-Step SHP Retirement Road Map process,” says Derek Gregorie.

Creating a diversified portfolio is a crucial way to minimize losses and profitable gains in a retirement strategy

He elaborated that this process is a customized plan designed to help their clients comfortably get through their retirement by focusing on five key areas, including income planning, investment planning, tax planning, health care planning, and legacy planning.

At SHP Financial they use a comprehensive approach to financial planning that allows us to meet your personal goals.

What is the process of starting to plan?

They begin the process by evaluating the client’s current income situation and expenses to ensure that they have maximized their social security. SHP Financial then looks into their client’s pension options and decisions, and plans for a premature death of spouse, inflation, and other factors that may affect their client’s income. Secondly, depending on the client’s risk tolerance, SHP creates diversified investment portfolios that are customized to meet their client’s goals. Then we will be able to offer a wide range of funds and equities to create cost-efficient and quality investment portfolios. 

Next, SHP Financial deploys a tax planning process to develop more tax diversification. This means that SHP analyzes the client’s current tax liability (income taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes, etc.) and develops strategies that can legally minimize the taxes that they need to pay during their retirement years, as well as when passing their wealth to the next generation. In addition, the company also understands that the healthcare system can be overwhelming drain on finances. “Whether you are trying to retire before Medicare, on Medicare, or are concerned about the high costs of Long-Term Care, we take the time to ensure that you know your options, and create a plan that matches your health and budget,”   Finally, SHP works in conjunction with estate planning attorneys to help maximize the amount of their client’s inheritance, control how the money will be given to the heirs, and minimize the taxes that need to be paid in the process.

Where in Massachustes is SHP Financial Offices located?

Find out more about SHP Financial's Podcasts & Radio Shows

Here are some other resources you may find helpful in searching for more info about SHP and how they can help you. SHP also hosts a podcast that you can check out as well as their WRKO AM 680 radio show the "Retirement Road Map"